Featured Services


We provide

  • Reseller level 3
  • Calling Cards
  • Pc2Phone
  • Mobile Dialer
  • CallShop
  • VPN Solutions


Why Interconnect with US ?

  • Standard Routes
  • Industry standard ASR ACD PDD
  • Failover Routing
  • 24X7 Route Monitoring
  • Transparent Billing

VPN Solution

Our VoxDialer with Integrated VPN works in blocked countries.

We use VoxBridge which helps customers to use VoIP in all major blocked countries. Linksys , Cisco & other SIP based devices also works with our VPN solutions.


We provide 99.9% uptime on our platforms through our 24X7 monitoring systems.

We terminate millions of International traffic per month. Our Interconnection with more than 80 worldwide carriers provides high QOS which includes direct & indirect connections with IDT, Verizon, Primus, IBasis, TATA and many more.